Carly Fox


Fred Gelli

Got to see the amazing Brazilian designer Fred Gelli give a lecture tonight at the Michigan Theater. He spoke about his company works, how he sees the world, and how nature inspires design. He defined nature as having an optimum point, being cyclical, and interdependent. He went on to say that we as a culture largely strive for the maximum instead of the optimal in the design of products. Also, he said that all too often, people have fragmented vision and a limited perspective. He mentioned how design should learn from nature through biomimcry, and laid out the following design principles:

1. Work hard to reach maximum simplicity

2. Emotion is powerful

3. Consider optimization of energy and material resources

4. Consider the life cycle of a product

5. Always look for body and soul and fine tuning (focus on ideas)

He also talked at length about leading the design work for the Rio 2016 Olympics identity. He identified the largest challenge as having the whole world for a target and trying to be universal but also locally relevant. He worked with a team of over 100 other people and went through more than 50 different logo designs. The team started from a place of defining the main ingredients of soul of identity, making a list of important attributes the logo needed to have, both related to the Olympics at large and Rio. The words passion, movement, and transformation were at the heart of the message. He strived to create a human brand w a tridimensional emblem, referencing the sculptural city he calls home. The logo imitates the shape of recognizable mountains in rio. The first 3D Olympic logo, it was made to be experienced. For the first time, there were specific pictograms for the different olympic events, and the athletes received sculptures of logo instead of flowers. He also created the logo for the parolympics, which abstractly references both a heart and a infinity symbol. 

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