Carly Fox


Art Directing Projects for Print

Came across this gem on sale in London. Great read on the plane; gave me a lot of ideas for designers and firms to check out in the UK and elsewhere such as Red Design, Lippa Pearce, Browns, Plazm, J Foster, Bad People Good Things, and more. Was helpful to discover more about what an art director really does from day-to-day from a variety of thoughtful inside perspectives. The question is a an art director a creative with managerial skills or a manager with creative skills was thoroughly examined. What makes an art director was also a recurring topic; some said an art director has "a 360-degree overview" and is "the person responsible for the visual side of creative communication," others said an art director "is a leader who guides, directs and advocates creative work." Also addressed was how involved the art director should be and to avoid being overbearing on the creative team.