Carly Fox


Study Abroad Projects


The following is a set of projects I created during my time in July 2016 studying abroad at the University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins College. 




Recreated book design for the English classic The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells. Visited the Seven Dials area in London where the story was set to gather visual information. The mustache on the cover is reminiscent of Mr. Cave's gray beard and also references the curves in the architecture of the Seven Dials area as it is today (which also relates to the curves in the dropcap).




This is a series of sketches documenting London's Camden Town (top row), compared to New Orleans' French Quarter (bottom row). Both areas are eclectic and unique in their own ways while sharing several similarities.




For this project, I was invited to introduce my classmates to a unique part of my culture in a visual, 3D way. I chose to make a popup introducing viewers to my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through a facade of the city and "Pittsburghese," a slang originating from the area. Complete with a reflective black paper reminiscent of the riverside and adorned with the colors black and gold to emulate the city's football team's colors.




This project was created in response to a brief to brand one of the elements: either fire, air, water, or the earth. Reimagine Fireworks is an online platform to educate people on the negative environmental impact of fireworks, and convince them not to buy these harmful displays that bother children, veterans, and animals when set off. Instead, they are encouraged to contribute art inspired by fireworks to an online community while showing an unexpected, unique side of fireworks that cannot be experienced elsewhere.