Carly Fox


Why I Love Interning at Change Media Group


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1. The close-knit team. Because we have an open office and the CMG team is on the smaller side, I got to know everyone in the company, including the founding partners Ryan and Amanda. That’s more than some of my friends and peers interning at larger companies can say.

2. CMG is young and growing. I came on the team at an exciting time leading up to the busy political season—when the company is growing, business is good, and lots of work is coming in.

3. My work is valued. I get to contribute to internal projects as well as work for clients, which is a nice mix. Because I work on a variety of projects including display ads, website wireframes, infographics and book design, to name a few, the work never becomes boring. That is, I’m always doing more than just “design grunt work,” which I define as tedious tasks such as resizing/cropping photos or creating templates.

4. I feel valued as a person. In addition to my work being valued, my time is valued here and more importantly, I feel valued overall. CMG cares about their employees’ work/life balance, and is quite flexible with my work schedule, allowing me to take a month off to study abroad in London, which I really appreciate.

5. I get to learn about more than just graphic design. Sometimes I write content for the blog or social media, and I also get to help out with websites, photoshoots, and video editing. Every day is different and exciting, and I appreciate the opportunity to expand my skillset. I also got a handle on how an ad agency works; I learned about ad promotion, client proposals, and the day-to day parts of the business.

6. The positive work environment. CMG likes to have fun! From after-office happy hours to lunch-and-learn sessions, it’s apparent that the team members enjoy each others’ company and like to kick back together. It’s also not unusual to hear laughter in the office every now and then, either. A great part about having an open office is that collaborative work is the norm and everyone is approachable and willing to help each other.

7. CMG’s core values. CMG was founded on high moral standards; we don’t sell people things they don’t need, which I think is an important differentiator. CMG is also committed to delivering the best quality work possible for the best price possible. So many large firms in big cities these days simply don’t live up to the same ethical standards. I like working for a company that shares the same values I have.