Carly Fox


First Take: Study Abroad


I've always wanted to start a blog in a more formal setting than Tumblr, and I thought summer provided the time I needed, while travel provided the inspiration.

Sitting in the airport en route to the University of the Arts London (UAL), I finally had the chance to read a short yet engaging book I’ve been meaning to read for awhile, Paul Rand: A Conversation with Students. I found it interesting that Rand defined design, unbound by medium, in terms of relationships. Similarly, after my first session today in UAL's Central Saint Martins summer study abroad graphic design program, I found that my professors were looking at and defining design in a similar way that could easily flow into other mediums. Design pushes boundaries in a socially conscious manner while responding to the world around us. In addition, sketching is an important but often forgotten component of the design practice. Good designers are far more than computer operators; as thoughtful practitioners, they know how to put pen to paper to express their ideas and simple, meaningful ways. 

After receiving the first brief today, I can say that the first project will challenge me to partake in a cultural exchange of sorts that engages text and image in a 3D yet graphic way. More to come on this soon!